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Issues and Advocacy

The League cares about national and local issues– free, fair and accessible elections; the environment and mitigating climate change; and basic human needs for all residents, including access to health care, affordable housing, education, safety, freedom from violence, and justice.

League advocacy is based on member study and agreement on selected issues, and involves concerted efforts to achieve public policies consistent with League positions.

Advocacy activities may include: developing public policy briefs that analyze issues and provide detailed information and recommendations for addressing them through specific reforms, or providing forums for discussing issues and educating policymakers and the public. League lobbying promotes or opposes specific pieces of legislation, often taking the form of a statement before City Council, or witness slips in support of state legislation.

LWVE's Local Program for 2023-2024 focus areas: 
•  Fair Housing Enforcement in Evanston
•  Civics Education
•  Climate Change
•  Economic Development in Evanston Downtown and
     Neighborhood Areas. (Read the Roundtable's article covering January's program luncheon: "Panel Participants Push Back on Safety, Parking Concerns.")

Learn how the League selects issues for study or action, develops positions, and plans its Local Program, or priority issues for action. 

Take action when the LWVE issues an Action Alert...

encouraging its members and the public to contact their elected officials in support of or opposition to a local committee or board decision or pending legislation.
One Person One Vote campaign
Learn more about the One Person One Vote campaign
to demand that the people's voices be heard.

League of Women Voters of Evanston (LWVE)

Serving the people of Evanston
& Skokie, Illinois, since 1922

2100 Ridge Avenue, Room 1030
Evanston, IL 60201

OFFICE PHONE: (847) 859-7883

The LWVE is a 501(c)3 organization.
All dues and donations are fully tax deductible
and support our local activities and programs.

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